Twin Screw Sheeter

Product model

Motor Characteristics

Twin Screw Sheeter is an ideal replacement of mixing mills in rubber compounding process.  It accepts mix compound directly discharged from an dispersion kneader / banbury / internal mixer into its hopper chute and converts it into a continuous, seamless rubber sheet that is then fed into a Batch-Off Cooling Line.


1.1. Energy Saving: 15~30% energy saving comparing to mixing mills.

1.2. Labor saving&safety: Doesn’t need hands-on operator at its vicinity.

1.3. High mixing quality: Enclosed environment under temperature controlled conditions. Reduced human interference.

1.4. High Mixing Line Efficiency and Productivity: Integrated with mixer and batch off cooling line. Speed automatically synchronized.

1.5. Effective Temperature Control: Tempered (or chilled) water inside the conical twin screws, barrel and the peripherally drilled rolls of the roller die.

1.6. Compact Layout: Very small machine comparing to mixing mills.

1.7. Easy Maintenance: Hydraulic cylinder lifting roller die.